About Us

In 1775 the world’s greatest gun club, the United States Marine Corps, was founded in a bar.  In 2017 two former Marines were sitting at a bar telling salacious tales of our years in the Corps. We started talking about how we can support those that have or are serving; how can we help our heroes?  That’s how the idea was born.  The concept is simple; take some of the money that we receive for doing our jobs in real estate and give back to our heroes.

The Business.

We want to be transparent, this is not a charity, we are businesses who have teamed together to help our heroes while still making a profit. We choose to share that profit with our heroes instead of keeping it for ourselves. This is a win-win situation. If you need to buy or sell a house, we will help you achieve that goal while providing excellent service and saving you money. We will promote this program because we know that it will benefit everyone involved.

We know there are other programs and banks offering similar programs, so why use us?

  1. We have developed a unique formula to offer you more savings than the other guys.
  2.  We contribute part of our profits to a charitable foundation.
  3. We feel we can provide better service because we’re passionate about taking care of our heroes who sacrifice so much for others.
  4. We’re better looking (per our mother’s opinions).

Dominic Mason, Founder of Homes 4 My Heroes

About me:
Husband, Father of three, former Marine, and Real Estate Professional


Broker: 703.665.3362
2165 Jamieson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22314

I began my adventures in real estate in 2006, and have been buying, selling, renting and flipping homes ever since. I love everything about real estate, but the best part is when you finally get to the closing table and your client buys or sells that home, you know it’s a good day, mission accomplished and you’ve help someone achieve a huge milestone in their life.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a BS in Finance I spent almost 8 years as a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps; serving with some of the best people all over the world. After getting my M.B.A and working in the design and consulting world, I made the jump into real estate full-time and have never looked back. Real estate has proven to be my dream job.

Two of my core values are Service First and Achieve More Together, and the Homes 4 My Heroes program does both. I’m proud to have a way that I can show my appreciation for those I consider my heroes, those that are and have sacrificed for our community and country. I can’t wait help them achieve their goal and save money at the same time.

Learn more about me by checking out my personal Facebook page, professional LinkedIn page, real estate website, or about the book I published.